Designer Ada Hefetz Transforms Wedding Dress Design with Stratasys’ 3DFashion Technology

Hefetz’ Flower of Life theme celebrates matrimonial union 3D-printed style

MINNEAPOLIS & REHOVOT, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ada Hefetz, a popular Israel-based wedding dress designer, has introduced a new attention-grabbing collection with intricate, showstopping elements produced using Stratasys’ advanced direct-to-textile 3D printing technology. Showcased recently at Milan Design Week, the three unique dresses are based on Hefetz’s Flower of Life theme and were produced using Stratasys’ 3DFashion™ technology as part of her latest series celebrating matrimonial union, the circle of life, and design.

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Wedding dress designer Ada Hefetz said she is so pleased with the results enabled by Stratasys' 3DFashion technology that she now plans to use it for all her future collections. Photo credit: Stav Peretz

Wedding dress designer Ada Hefetz said she is so pleased with the results enabled by Stratasys' 3DFashion technology that she now plans to use it for all her future collections. Photo credit: Stav Peretz

Known for designing haute couture bridal dresses combining vintage style and classic modern chic, Ada Hefetz is renowned for constantly pushing the boundaries of design. This is her first completed project using 3D printing.

“I wouldn’t be able to achieve such complicated geometric designs without the Stratasys 3DFashion technology, as attaining this level of symmetry by hand would simply be impossible,” explains Hefetz. “The 3D printer allows me to digitally create new forms using mathematical formulas, and print these directly onto the fabric, ensuring the pattern is replicated perfectly.”

The eye-catching wedding dresses feature complex geometrical shapes, depicting the ‘Flower of Life’, a sacred geometry dating back to ancient Egypt. The intricate pattern is composed of overlapping circles that intersect to form flowers, which Ada Hefetz has combined with her design of a lily to symbolize the union between two individuals and the circle of life. The inspiring design uses Stratasys’ translucent VeroVivid™ resin material with Stratasys’ J850™ TechStyle™ 3D printer, which can be printed in over 500,000 unique colors with varying levels of flexibility, simulating different textures and finishes.

“During the COVID pandemic, I closed my studio and used the time to innovate,” says Hefetz. “I wanted to pursue 3D printing and the design opportunities it opens up, and having spoken to a few specialized designers, Stratasys’ TechStyle printer came highly recommended. I’m so pleased with the results so far and the designs it has enabled that I am planning to use this for all of my future collections.”

Naomi Kaempfer, Creative Director of Art, Design and Fashion at Stratasys, says 3DFashion technology provides the possibility to utilize organic algorithmic designs, as well as balancing the traditional with the innovative. She adds: “The J850 TechStyle’s unique capabilities in color, transparency and tonality created a pearl-like shimmering effect, which helped Ada to achieve a perfect color combination for her vision.”

Since its release in May 2022, 3DFashion technology has been a triumph within the design and textile market. Its ability to produce unique designs at a fraction of the time and cost of hand crafting has enabled designers worldwide to branch out and become increasingly creative. Creating unique designs using other methods such as CNC, or hand stitching onto the garment, would be prohibitively expensive and time consuming.

Ada Hefetz’s Flower of Life-themed 3D printed wedding dresses are currently on display at Milan’s D-House Urban Laboratory, which is owned and managed by Dyloan, the leading Italian manufacturer serving the high-end fashion sector.

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