Stratasys Introduces High-Performance Prototyping & Production System with Entry-Level Price

FDM 360mc has accuracy and repeatability specifications of more expensive systems


(Nasdaq:SSYS) Stratasys today introduced a new additive fabrication system for prototyping and direct digital manufacturing applications. The FDM 360mc(TM) was unveiled at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (Pacific Design) Show in Anaheim.

The FDM 360mc was designed for users with demanding applications that require the same accuracy, repeatability, and material specifications of more expensive FDM systems but who don't need as much speed or as many features.

"The FDM 360mc is even lower-priced than our Vantage i," says FDM Product Manager Patrick Robb. "It's now the least expensive system in our high-performance line, yet it has all the accuracy and repeatability of our high-end FDM 400mc.(TM) It offers both direct digital manufacturing and accurate prototyping with an easy-to-realize return on investment for most any production operation or development group. With some of the more expensive '3D printers' priced in the $50,000 to $75,000 range, the FDM 360mc will compete with them on price, yet remain in a league above them in output quality."

The performance of the FDM 360mc is the result of technology innovation and manufacturing process improvements in the extrusion head gantry, which enabled it to be straighter and stiffer. This enables the extrusion head to hold a tighter positional accuracy that can produce parts with a higher tolerance. These innovations were introduced last August on the FDM 400mc.

The FDM 360mc builds with ABS-M30, which offers substantial improvements over standard Stratasys ABS across a number of mechanical properties, including tensile strength, impact strength, and flexural strength. ABS-M30 mechanical properties for strength are up to 67 percent stronger than standard Stratasys ABS, expanding capabilities for functional testing or building production parts.

The FDM 360mc comes standard with a build envelope of 14 x 10 x 10 in (356 x 254 x 254 mm), which is upgradeable to 16 x 14 x 16 in (406 x 356 x 406 mm). Along with this upgrade comes two more material canisters bays, for a total of four bays (two build material and two support material). The larger build envelope and the additional material canisters enable users to run larger builds. When the first material canister is empty, an auto-changeover function loads the second canister and continues the build process uninterrupted. This allows users to leave the machine unattended for long periods of time.

Available slice thicknesses are 0.005 in (0.127 mm), 0.007 in (0.178 mm), 0.010 in (0.254 mm), and 0.013 in (0.330 mm).

The FDM 360mc will begin shipping immediately.

Stratasys Inc., Minneapolis, manufactures additive fabrication machines for prototyping and direct digital manufacturing. It also offers prototype and part manufacturing services. According to Wohlers Report 2007, Stratasys supplied 41 percent of all additive fabrication systems installed worldwide in 2006, making it the unit market leader for the fifth consecutive year. Stratasys patented and owns the rapid prototyping process known as fused deposition modeling (FDM(R)). The process creates functional prototypes and end-use parts directly from any 3D CAD program, using ABS plastic, polycarbonate, PPSF, and blends. The company holds more than 180 granted or pending additive fabrication patents globally. Stratasys products are used in the aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, education, electronic, and consumer product industries. On the Web:

FDM 360mc is a trademark, and FDM is a registered trademark, of Stratasys Inc.

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