Dimension 3D Printing Group Introduces the Dimension 1200es Series

New 3D printer delivers stronger models; Enhancement package now available for existing Dimension 1200 customers


The Dimension 3D Printing Group, a business unit of Stratasys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSYS), today announced immediate availability of the Dimension 1200es Series. The 1200es, priced at $26,000 for the BST and $34,900 for the SST version, joins the group's market leading line of desktop modeling systems -- which includes the Dimension Elite (priced at $32,900) and 768 Series (priced from $18,900).

The 1200es Series features a 10 x 10 x 12-inch build size and joins the Dimension Elite in offering engineers and designers the ability to print models with ABSplus, a material that is on average 40 percent stronger than standard Stratasys ABS plastic, providing stronger functional models and improved surface finish.

"The Dimension 1200es meets the market demand for an affordable, networked, 3D printer capable of building stronger models. It moves closer to achieving the characteristics of injection molded parts, while providing the largest build size in the 3D printing space," said Jon Cobb, vice president and general manager of 3D printing for Stratasys.

For customers who have purchased a 1200 Series 3D printer (non-es version), Dimension is now offering an enhancement package allowing for an upgrade to the 1200es for $5,000. Customers interested in the enhancement package should contact their Dimension reseller for more information. "We're excited to offer this economical enhancement option to our existing 1200 customers who seek the improved model strength delivered by the 1200es series," Cobb said.

For more information on Dimension 3D printers, visit www.dimensionprinting.com or call toll free 888-480-3548 (U.S.).

About The Dimension 3D Printing Group

The Dimension 3D Printing Group is a business unit of Stratasys, Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minn. Dimension 3D printers - which include the Elite, the Dimension 1200es Series and Dimension 768 Series - are networked, desktop modeling systems that provide CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) users a fast, office-friendly, low-cost alternative for building functional 3D prints. Dimension 3D printers build accurate models layer by layer using durable ABS plastic, allowing users to not only evaluate design concepts, but test 3D prints for functionality, form and fit. As the first large format desktop 3D printer that sells for less than $30,000, Dimension incorporates many key features found in modeling systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars more.

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Source: Stratasys