April 2, 2012

Armac Martin Boosts Product Range and Wins More Orders with Objet Desktop 3D Printer

Armac Martin Boosts Product Range and Wins More Orders with Objet Desktop 3D Printer
Samples with customers up to four weeks faster with in-house 3D printing

Rheinmuenster, Germany, April 2, 2012 – Furniture fittings specialist Armac Martin has announced a rise in sales orders since installing an Objet24 Desktop 3D Printer at its facility in Birmingham, UK. “Since the introduction of 3D printing we are turning more of our customers’ ideas into new products and as a consequence we are winning more orders for our factory,” confirms Paul McGrail, Armac Martin Managing Director. 

Two Objet 3D printed prototypes (left) with two Armac Martin door handles (right) Armac Martin designs and manufactures handles, knobs, bolts, catches, castors, door knockers, hinges and other furniture fittings, many of which are bespoke designs specified by customers. The Objet24 Desktop 3D Printer, used to test new designs and produce product samples for customer approval, is enabling Armac Martin to save costs and service customers faster according to Mr. McGrail: “Now we have the Objet24 3D Printer working in conjunction with our 3D CAD capability, our Technical Sales Managers are able to get one-off samples to customers without interrupting production on our CNC machines. This means samples are with customers up to four weeks faster than before, sometimes in just a couple of days from the initial discussion. We’re also making savings in tooling which would normally be required to produce the samples in metal.” 
Ease and quality of finishing are also key aspects of producing the samples. “We compared a couple of different rapid prototyping technologies and found that Objet provided the fine detail and quality of finishing we require for our work. Our products are high-quality decorative items so it’s very important that samples are beautifully finished,” says Mr. McGrail. 
Objet 3D printed prototype (left) with final finished product (right) Armac Martin purchased the Objet24 Desktop 3D Printer through Objet UK distributor HK Rapidprototyping. Nigel Bunt, Sales Director at HK Rapidprototyping, adds: “It was clear from the start that prototype realism was vital for Armac Martin. Objet 3D printed parts are very easy to finish to a superb standard, which Armac Martin verified in tests with competitive models.” 
To achieve realistic prototypes, Armac Martin spray paints the majority of parts produced on the Objet24 Desktop 3D Printer. Mr McGrail elaborates, “The majority of the time we paint the 3D printed models in a silver or gold to emulate metal fittings like door handles or knobs and we’ve had some parts nickel-plated. Parts are also often drilled so that they can be fitted in the same way as the final product. Our customers need to be able to visualise the final effect; the realism of samples produced with Objet 3D printing makes this possible.” 
Mr. McGrail concludes, “From the first approach to HK Rapidprototyping, through subsequent meetings and producing our first parts, the service has been nothing short of excellent. This, combined with the exceptional quality of samples we’re producing, and ease-of-use of the Objet desktop 3D printer has made this purchase a great success for us.” Armac Martin door handle (top left) with unfinished Objet 3D printed prototype (bottom left) and spray-painted Objet 3D printed prototypes (right) 
About Objet
Objet Ltd. is a leading provider of high quality, cost effective inkjet-based 
3D printing systems and materials. A global company, Objet has offices in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and India. 
Objet’s 3D printing systems and 3D printing materials are ideal for any company involved in the manufacture or design of physical products using 3D software or other 3D content. Companies using Objet’s solutions can be typically found in sectors such as consumer goods & electronics, aerospace & defense, automotive, education, dental, medical and medical devices, architecture, industrial machinery, footwear, sporting goods, toys and service bureaus. 
Founded in 1998, the company has thousands of customers worldwide including a substantial share of the relevant Fortune 100 and Fortune 500. Its award-winning technology (13 awards in 6 years) is based upon over 110 patents and patent pending inventions. 
Objet’s advanced 3D printing systems and range of about 70 materials enable professionals to build prototypes that accurately simulate the true look, feel and function of an end-product, even complex, assembled goods. The Objet Connex™ line of multi-material 3D printers features the world’s only technology to simultaneously jet 2 materials. With this, users can print many different materials into a single part and print various mixed parts on the same build tray. Users can also create advanced composite materials, or Digital Materials™ featuring unique mechanical and thermal properties. 
Objet’s range of about 70 3D printing materials simulate properties ranging from rigid to rubber-like, transparent to opaque and standard to ABS-grade engineering plastics, with a large number of in-between shore grades and shades. 
Objet’s 3D printers are available in a range of form-factors, from cost-effective desktop 3D printers ideal for entry-level professionals all the way to industrial-scale multi-material machines for front-line designers and top manufacturers. Objet’s 3D printers feature the industry’s highest-resolution 3D printing quality, based on 16-micron (0.0006 in.) super-thin layering, wide material versatility, office friendliness and ease of operation. 
For more information, visit us at www.objet.com, and for more about 3D printing industry-related news, business issues and trends, read the Objet blog. 
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